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Advisory Committee (AC)

S# Name Professional Designation/


Email Qualifications Experience
1 Dr. Takbir Ali Asst. Professor, Aga khan university-IED Karachi takbir.ali@aku.edu PhD in Education More than 20 years quality educational services and around 10 years in Teaching at university level
2 Mr Naseeruddin Humayun Director policy, Regulation & Development Deoartment, SECP Islamabad humayun.naseeruddin@gmail.com MBA(IBA),

B.E (Metallurgy)

More than 32 years of experience in different organizations
3 Ms. Jamal Papieva Principal Curiosity School Islamabad jamal.papieva@gmail.com M.Ed. (AKU-IED) More than 17 years experience in the sector of education at various key positions
4 Dr Munira Amirali PhD Senior Manager Academics, AKES-P Munira.amirali@akesp.org PhD in Education More than 16 years of experience in education sector at key positions
5 Georgina Chetwynd Social Worker Oxfordshire County Council georginachetwynd@hotmail.com MA Social Work,

MSc. Environment & Development

More than 10 years of experience in social sector different International NGOs
6 Karam Ali National Manager Education, AKF Afghanistan karamali007@gmail.com M.Ed. (AKU-IED) More than 26 years of experience in education sector in national & international NGOs
7 Shakoor Muhammad Working with IRC in Turkey as child protection, Education and youth Development Coordinator Shakoorskd65@gmail.com M.Ed. (AKU-IED) More than 26 years of experience in education sector in national & international NGOs
8 Mr.  Abdul Jahan Executive Director MIED Abdul.jahan@mied.org Masters in Education and in Teacher Education from Aga Khan University  (AKU-IED) More than 20 years in leading educational programs in AKDN, NRSP and in MIED

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