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Established in 2003, Mountain Institute for Education & Development (MIED) Pakistan is a non-for-profit national NGO, registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) set up as a company under section 42 of the companies’ ordinance 1984. Since its inception, MIED has been working in partnership with and financial support from international donors, various INGOs and UN organisations on capacity building, institutional development, resource mobilisation and empowerment of local communities in remote & conflict affected districts of Pakistan.

MIED Board of Directors:

A group of five to seven founding members who are development professionals particularly in educational development and having specialisation in social sector & HR management; is responsible of the policy level matters of the organisation. The Board meets at least twice a year to review organisational progress, policy matters, and financial management and suggests plans for organisational improvement and program development. The Current List of BoD of MIED include:

S# Name Designation Profession 
1 Mr. Abdul Jahan Founding Executive Director  Development Sector Professional, Social Entrepreneur and Educationist
2 Mr. Fazil Ali Director BoG Development Sector Professional and Educationist
3 Mr. Qalb E Ali Director BoG Social Activist and Local Philanthropist
4 Ms. Noor Jahan  Secretary  Social Activist 
5 Mr. Sher Zaman  Chief Finance Officer  Finance Management Professional 

Objectives of MIED:

  1. To establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centres, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research, centres of learning, reading rooms, and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational fora with the permission of competent authority but not to act as a degree awarding institute.
  2. To provide scholarships to students and grant aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, prizes, grants, awards, medicines, educational career support, bursaries and other incentives for purposes of advancement of knowledge, education and literacy.
  3. To establish, own, maintain, erect, construct, furnish, equip, promote, organize, manage and run institutions for special education and to provide grants and facilities for education and training to the persons who are mute, deaf, dumb or blind, crippled or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped and to provide books, proper medical attendance, nursing, food, medicine, drugs and special appliances of educational, surgical, or other nature.
  4. To work for development of human resources, poverty alleviation, promotion of social well being of the masses, betterment of health, social mobilization for prosperous society, elimination of gender discrimination and pollution free environment particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan.


A positive and interdependent society where everyone is free to reach their full potential, and where respect for human rights is balanced with citizen’s knowledge of their responsibilities.  Our intention is to play a part in creating a peaceful world by respecting pluralism and diversity.


The mission of MIED is to improve the quality of life of the marginalized communities and empower them to reach their full potential. MIED intends to inspire the local communities and govt. systems for their active role in rural advancement and development. School Improvement Programs, Social Mobilization, research, documentation and community empowerment is the centre of everything we do.


Acceptance of diversity, inclusion, and pluralism are the central values of our organization. Our interventions are based around ideas of gender equity, equal opportunities for participation, and right based approaches.

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