Governing Structure

Executive Committee:

A seven members Board (Executive Committee); including two founding members, two development professionals particularly in educational development and the rest having specialization in social sector, law and HR management; is managing the policy level matters of the organization. The Board meets at least twice a year to review organizational progress, policy matters, and financial management and suggests plans for organizational improvement and program development.

Advisory Committee:

The Advisory Committee looks after the long term and short term programmatic matters of the organization. The committee is comprised of professionals having very strong background in the sector of civil societies and development organizations. The advisory Committee meets twice a year to give strategic inputs to the organization. The committee plays a key role in expanding the funding base of the organization and achieving its goals and objectives.

Management Committee:

The operational matters of the organization is looked at Management Committee (MC) level, comprised of working professionals and education managers of MIED that meets on bi-monthly basis.  For the implementation of the educational projects, MIED management inducts quality educational leaders who work as mentors for the project team and ensure result based management of the project activities.

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