The object for which the Company is established is as under:

  • To establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centres, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research, centres of learning, reading rooms, and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational fora with the permission of competent authority but not to act as a degree awarding institute.
  • To provide scholarships to students and grant aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, prizes, grants, awards, medicines, educational career support, bursaries and other incentives for purposes of advancement of knowledge, education and literacy.
  • To provide a platform for research and development relating to object of the company and in this regard:-
  • to make available key knowledge tools such as :-

(i)        a well equipped library;

(ii)       database and electronic connectivity; and

  • website for research publications and interaction.
  • to undertake steps for promotion of research such as :-

(i)        to define and support research;

(ii)       to encourage members to conduct research; and

(iii)      to participate in regional and international research initiatives;

(c)        to undertake any activity for development such as;

(i)        to arrange funding for supporting research; and

(ii)       to organize and set up of a think tank related to the objects of the company; and

(d)      to provide a forum for participation of all concerned and to:

  • solicit views vis-à-vis the objects of the company; and
  • enable discussion/dialogue for promoting quality research.
  • To establish, own, maintain, erect, construct, furnish, equip, promote, organize, manage and run institutions for special education and to provide grants and facilities for education and training to the persons who are mute, deaf, dumb or blind, crippled or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped and to provide books, proper medical attendance, nursing, food, medicine, drugs and special appliances of educational, surgical, or other nature.
  • To work for development of human resources, poverty alleviation, promotion of social well being of the masses, betterment of health, social mobilization for prosperous society, elimination of gender discrimination and pollution free environment particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan.
  • To develop the rural areas and the resources of land, undertake support and subsidize measures, programmes, plans and schemes for rural development, welfare and modernization of rural areas, renovation and reconstruction of buildings, roads, ways, bridges, canals, water courses, wells, tanks, stores, schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, family planning units, reading rooms, parks, gardens, play grounds, places of amusement and recreation, plans for generation and distribution of energy at domestic and village level and other conveniences calculated directly or indirectly to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of civic amenities and to undertake measures for improvement of conditions of housing, work, health, hygiene, sanitation and the quality of life.
  • To aid, assist, set up, maintain, administer and run hospitals, nursing homes, mother and child care centres, clinics, dispensaries, immunization and vaccination centres and places of medical aid, convalescent homes, family planning centres, x-ray clinics, radio therapy centres, pathological and clinical laboratories, blood banks, eye banks or other centres connected with the care of the human body, both in urban and rural areas.
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