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Since its inception in year 2003, MIED has been involved in successfully implementing the following projects:



Assignment name/& brief description of main deliverables/outputs Name of Client & Country of Assignment


Approx. Contract value (in US$ in millions Role on the Assignment
2010 to date School Improvement Program

·       Baseline Survey and TNA (reports available)

·       Mid- term review

·       School Development Plans

·       Infrastructure Development

·       Advocacy and Community Mobilization

·       Professional development of teachers, HTs, PTCs

·       Evaluations

(reports available)

·   Impact Study


Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)



Gilgit Baltistan – Pakistan








2010 – 2011 Releasing Confidence & Creativity: Early Childhood Development

·      Baseline Survey

·      Curriculum Enrichment

·      Establishment of ECE centers in govt. schools

·      Capacity Building of Teachers and Head Teachers

·      Training and capacity Building of Parents

Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan



Mansehra – Pakistan





Sole Consultant

2009 – 2011 School Improvement through Quality Inclusive Education Program

·    Situation Analysis

·    Selection of Project schools

·    Advocacy among parents and communities

·    Professional Development of Teachers, Head Teachers and School Leaders

·    Meetings with concerned Heads of Department of Education

·    Structures developed for community involvement

·    Training of Students bodies

·    End of the term Report



Save the Children


Mansehra – Pakistan






Sole Implementing Partner

2009 – 2011  

Enhancing Education Quality and Access  (EQUAL)

·    Situation Analysis and TNAs

·    Capacity Building of Teachers, Head Teachers

·    Material provided to improve physical facilities

·    Advocacy for improving access of students.

·    End of the term Evaluation Report

·    Capacity building and involvement of community organizations



Care International in Pakistan through JAICA



Abbottabad – Pakistan






Implementing Partner

2010 – 2011 School Improvement Program

· Baseline Survey and TNAs (reports available)

· Developing District, and UCs level Community Development Plans

· Advocacy and Community Mobilization

· Professional development of teachers and school heads

· Impact Study

Fauji Fertilizer Company


Gotki- Pakistan






Sole Consultant

2006 – 2010  

Training of Trainers (ToT) and Training of Teachers


· Situation Analysis

· Capacity building of teachers, head teachers and educational leaders

· Classroom observations and support

· End of term Report

Elementary Education Department Peshawar.


Save the Children US & UK.


Peshawar, Ugi, Allai Abbottabad,








Sole Consultant

2010 to date  

School Improvement Program


·     Baseline Survey and TNAs

·     Community Mobilization and advocacy for increasing access

·     Teachers Training

·     Training of head teachers

·     Material support

·     End of the term Report







Ghizer in GB, Rawalpindi in Punjab and Abbottabad in KPK






Implementing Partner

2012  to 2013 School Improvement Program

·      Situation Analysis and TNAs

·      Advocacy for increasing enrolment

·      Professional Development of Teachers and School Heads

·      PTC Training

·      Impact Study



Chitral (KP) – Pakistan





Implementing Partner

2012 – 2014 Inclusive Education in Refugee Hosted Districts of Pakistan

·      Baseline Survey and TNA

·      Community Mobilization and Advocacy

·      School Development Plan

·      Training of Teachers, Head Teachers and Educational Managers

·      Continuous Support to Teachers and Head Teachers

·      Midterm Evaluation

·      Literacy campaigns





Peshawar, Mardan and Mansehra in KP, Mianwali in Punjab, Karachi in Sind and Pishin and Quetta in Baluchistan







Sole Consultant

2012 – 2013 USAID Teacher Education Program (ToT and Training of Teachers and Material Orientations


·   Situation Analysis and TNA

·   Capacity building of Teachers, TTI Faculty

·   Provision of teaching learning material

·   Orientation on using teaching learning material

·   Training reports

·   Evaluation Report

USAID through Education Development Center (EDC)

Mansehra, Abbottabad, Sawabi, Haripur, DI Khan, Sargodha, Gujrat, Kohat, Bannu,  Chitral






Sole consultant

  • Developing Lesson Plans and Teachers Guide for KPK Schools:
  • Curriculum Class -6 Reviewed and SLOs identified
  • Textbook KPK of Class-6 and Content relevant to SLOs classified
  • Lesson Plan Developed for all subjects of Class-6
DFID through Adam Smith International  for all Govt. Schools in KPK Province 0 .1009 Sole Consultant
  • Survey on  Teachers Teaching Competencies in KPK Survey Methodology Developed
  • Tools Prepared
  • Survey Conducted in 6 Districts of KPK
  • Report Developed
DFID through Adam Smith International in 6 Districts in KPK 0 .023 Sole Consultant
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