System and Internal Controls

Human Resources Management

MIED has a separate Human Resource (HR) department which deals all HR related matters.  MIED has HR policy and it is modified from time to time based on the recommendations from various assessments. The related policies like child rights policy, and sexual harassment policy are also part of HR. The policy is shared with all the MIED staff of MIED.

 Financial Management System

Financial Management and Transparency: MIED’s financial management system as per various assessment is always on top. The updated and most recommended finical software “Quick Book Enterprise Edition” is used currently at MIED for its Financial management.

Currently, ccounts of MIED are audited by a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants, H.AM.D & CO Chartered Accountants Lahore – A Member Firm of McMillan Wood International Ltd – a QCR rated firms by ICAP.

Internal Audit

At MIED there is a Coordinator for  internal audit whose job is to review and do the internal control of all financial transactions in line with MIED’s financial policy and financing agreements with various partner organizations. The internal audit is conducted on quarterly basis before submitting SOEs to donors.

Operational System (SOP etc.)

The operational systems of MIED are well defined and are handled through Policy documents and Procedure manuals approved by the MIED Executive Committee. The following are key policy documents of MIED which are modified and enriched from time to time:

  • MIED HR Policy Documents
  • MIED Financial Policy Document
  • MIED Administrative Policy Document
  • MIED Procurement Policy document
  • MIED Capacity Building Manuals
  • MIED’s Strategic Plan
  • MIED Social Mobilization and Advocacy Manuals /strategy guidebook
  • MIED SIP Manuals and Quality Education Framework
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